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Hire Virtual Assistant India

we have a team of professionals virtual assistants in India that can help you handle your day to day tasks.

Hire Virtual Assistants
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About Virtual assistants in India

Virtual assistant is a growing job role and demand for these virtual assistants is ever increasing. Virtual assistant is a self employee that aids in providing professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. India has a large force of virtual assistants. We are currently helping a lot of businesses to find the perfect virtual assistant for their business. Businesses of every size are looking to hire virtual assistants from India to reduce their expenses. As virtual assistants from developed countries are really expensive. Our easy solutions are available for small and large scale businesses.

Our virtual assistants in India are multi-tasker and help companies in various fields. Our virtual assistants will handle all your extra work. So that you can focus on your critical work. Rather than employing a full time employee you could just hire a virtual assistant from India for a day, hour or a short period of time. Our virtual assistants work in almost every field. If you hire a full time employee you need to pay him a complete salary whereas you can hire a virtual assistant, you need to only pay on hourly basis. Outsourcing a virtual assistant to India is cost effective, you get enhanced productivity and man-power.

Benefits of hiring virtual assistant in India

Multitasking Professional

Multitasking Professional

Virtual assistants are individuals who are skilled in doing multiple tasks and assisting in multiple job roles. Hiring a virtual assistant in India buys you the profit that you could get multiple tasks done from a single person. You need not hire multiple people. You need to guide this individual for the tasks that you want to get done.

Time saver

Time saver

In any business time is money, and that’s the only thing that you are always short of. You cannot do everything yourself and if you consider hiring someone, you are expected to invest time in recruitment, and then training that person. But hiring a virtual assistant saves all this time and you just need to hire a person and he would instantly get the job done.

Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced operational costs

Every business house has an operational cost that goes in paying its employees. Now when you hire an employee for a particular work you need to pay him salary for the whole month. But you could cut on this cost just by hiring a virtual assistant. You could hire a virtual assistant for multiple tasks rather than hiring multiple people and virtual assistants in India are affordable as compared to other countries.

Flexible Engagement Model

Flexible engagement model

Hiring a full time employee for a work of just a few days or hours is not useful. You need to pay more for lesser work. But if you hire a virtual assistant you could hire them for full-time, part time, a few days or even a few hours. Virtual assistance offers a flexible working model.

Reliable Resource

Reliable resource

You could rely on these virtual assistants for work. Not only this you could again call them whenever you need them. They are reliable and get work done on your demand. They are skilled in multiple things and hence do not need to be trained.

Plug and play model

Plug and play model

When you outsource a virtual assistant to India, you instantly get that person working for you. You need not spend time integrating an in-house team. They help business houses of all sizes and in all sorts of work. It is just like a plug and play system where you hire a virtual assistant and you easily get your work done.

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Booking Appointments

Booking appointments

Taking out time to book and plan appointments amidst running a business is difficult. Our virtual assistants could help you with that. They manage your appointments with your clients and keep them engaged until you're busy.



Now you could get your accounts managed and accounting work done within seconds with the help of our virtual assistants. You could get your income tax filed, manage accounts, file returns, create inventory just by hiring our virtual assistants.



When you hire a virtual assistant for your company you can hand him over all your administration work. Virtual assistants in India have excellent English skills and presence of mind can be useful for your work.



Outsourcing your blogs could be useful. You could hire a virtual assistant to write and maintain your blogs. Virtual assistants are skilled in writing effective blogs. Our Indian virtual assistants can write on any topic for you.

Branding Services

Branding services

Creating brand awareness for a business is vital. Our virtual assistants can help you design online and offline campaigns to promote your brand and get you more customers. They perform branding and marketing for your business growth.

Content writing

Content writing

You could require content for your website, official work, SEO Purpose, or digital campaigns. Our virtual assistants provide you personalized articles according to your need with effective writing skills.

Creating basic reports

Creating basic reports

If you require a staff to create reports for you, you could hire our virtual assistants. They create and analyze any kind of reports for your work in just no time. In India, we have experience in creating reports according to global standards.

E-commerce virtual assistance

E-commerce virtual assistance

If you have an ecommerce business, you could hire our virtual assistants to handle all your tasks from India. Our virtual assistants support all your ecommerce ventures to pull success and accomplish company goals.

Marketing assistance

Marketing assistance

Our virtual assistants can help you carry out all your marketing work. They provide marketing strategies and implement them for the growth of your business. They could even call customers to take reviews to enhance your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, We have mentioned some of the questions that you must ask about our virtual assistants.

Why do I need to hire a virtual assistant from India?

When running a company or business house, there are multiple tasks that require less time but an efficient person. For this purpose hiring a full time employee and training him/her is time consuming and costly. For the same purpose you could hire a virtual assistant from India to get your work done easily and efficiently without having to waste time training that person. Also you only pay for the work that you take from the virtual assistant rather than the full salary.

What kind of tasks can a virtual assistant perform?

Virtual assistants are multi-tasker and can perform various tasks such as, accounting, handling social media, performing SEO, handling website, dealung with customers, social media influencing, handling e- commerce website, data entry, digital marketing, content writing etc. Virtual assistants can work and fit in any job role also they are experienced and skilled in multi-tasking.

Is it safe to outsource virtual assistants to India?

Virtual assistants are just like your regular employee, whom you can call upon at any time. Outsourcing your virtual assistants to India can help you assure safety. Know your virtual assistant. Our company will provide you proper records and id of their candidates. Outsourcing virtual assistants is just like hiring a regular employee but for a flexible timing and a flexible pay scale.

How do I communicate with the virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants can be contacted through various mediums. You can contact your virtual assistant via mail, call, skype, messenger applications, and other project management tools. You can contact these virtual assistants any time of the day and get a report on your project. You can call them and rely on them for your work.

How much time does a virtual assistant take for each task?

The amount of time that would take to complete your task depends on the amount of work that is supposed to go in. Usually it takes 24-48 hours to complete basic tasks. If you are suspicious whether your work is being done or not, you do not need to worry as the benefit of virtual assistants is that you need to pay only for the hours that you have taken work.

How much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant?

The cost of a virtual assistant in India depends upon the duration of time for which you want to hire him. A virtual assistant can charge you between $7/hour to $17/hour depending on the amount of work that is to be done. Different virtual assistants charge differently but the price is economical.

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